Executive Search & Recruitment FAQs for Clients

  • Why shouldn’t I, or my internal HR resources, recruit our executive staff?

In some cases, we believe it’s entirely appropriate to recruit in-house, particularly when it comes to recruitment for high-volume roles. However, there are numerous occasions where the recruitment process would be better served through the retention of an independent executive recruitment and search consultant. That’s because we have an arm’s length perspective, resources and expertise and to save you time.



  • Why would Carrington King do a better job in recruiting executives than me?

First, you are assured of a totally independent perspective. Secondly, sometimes “hard to recruit” assignments require a thorough search process and it’s simply not appropriate or practical for you to do that other than through an executive search firm due to the specialist resources and time involved.

Finally, through a combination of expertise and trust, a candidate will often confide in an external recruiter things they may not reveal directly to you.

Overall, we are better equipped, incentivised and focused to orchestrate a successful long-term staffing outcome.



  • Isn’t recruitment as simple as receiving & forwarding CVs to me?

Often the skill, determination, business smarts and plain hard work required to deliver a timely, sustainable hiring outcome are underestimated.

Many business managers see the recruiter’s role as simply advertising a position, receiving CVs and shortlisting applicants for interview to then make a choice.

Having been senior executives ourselves, we know and appreciate how much time this all takes: It takes you away from your day-to-day role, costs your business money regardless, and produces anxiety in the cost of “getting it wrong” in terms of lost time and opportunity cost (e.g. lost sales).

There is often a great deal of uncertainty in recruiting for your business due to the pressure to employ the “right person”. When Carrington King is retained, you can rely on us to take on your anxiety and accountability. Ultimately we will provide the necessary focus (that only a full-time recruiter can provide) to obtain the optimum result for you.



  • Why is it important to be independent in recruitment?

Sometimes it can be very difficult to ensure objectivity when recruiting in-house, particularly if internal applicants or referrals are competing with external candidates.

Communication with unsuccessful internal applicants can also be tricky, and often leads to disappointment and negative experience with your brand.

This risk can be mitigated or even avoided altogether through the use of an executive recruiter.



  • Am I meeting all possible hidden gems?

You have a business to run on a day-to-day basis. Part of our role at Carrington King is to keep a “watching brief” through continuous networking with our established relationships and high-level networking, for great people who would help drive your business into the future.



  • Why Carrington King?

We consult; we don’t just fill jobs.

Through a combination of our business/recruitment experience and constant activity in the recruitment market we advise, provide you with “reality checks”, adjust your expectations and ensure your key recruitment process is set for success from the outset.

We understand the importance of getting it right because we have been in your position as senior executives.

We do not subscribe to short-term, tactical fixes. Finding the right candidate for a business and finding the right business and position for candidate’s takes time and effort – anything of quality does! We go the extra yard and not just for you, but to also safeguard our reputation, we leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of a successful hire.



  • What can I expect from my relationship with Carrington King?

Tough love and honesty! You’ll need to be willing to answer the hard questions, as we may challenge your thinking. Our objective is to understand where your business/career is currently, where you’d like to take it, and what you need to realise your ambitions. Ultimately, we understand our success will grow with your success.



Executive Search & Recruitment FAQs for Candidates

  • Does it really matter which recruiter I ask to represent me?

Well, it depends on the role you are seeking plus your expectations. If you are an executive, or seeking your first executive appointment, then we would argue strongly that it matters a great deal. But, not all recruiters work in the same way or with the same vision and values.

Some recruiters focus on a process where they send high volumes of resumes to a potential employer (not necessarily a client of the recruiter) in the hope that the resume strikes a chord with a business and results in an interview. At Carrington King we discourage this, as it usually results in what we call employer “fatigue”, i.e. they tire of the constant bombardment of unqualified resumes from recruiters.

We meet face-to-face with all candidates as a means of properly qualifying their suitability for a specific role, or to be floated to a specific client/employer. This important step maintains the integrity of the “brand” for both candidate and Carrington King with prospective employers.



  • Do you maintain regular dialogue with your candidates?

At Carrington King we understand the frustration caused when recruiters fail to keep candidates “in the loop” during the recruitment process and we acknowledge that it can be particularly disconcerting when you are between jobs and recruiters are not keeping in touch regularly.

When it comes to recruiting for specific roles, Carrington King is committed to communicating with candidates (and clients) in a completely transparent manner on a regular basis; you can take that as a given.

Recruiters deal with a very large number of candidates on a day-to-day basis, and to be candid, this sometimes inhibits our ability to be in touch regularly with candidates. There just aren’t enough hours in the day due to the sheer weight of numbers, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be contacted when your perfect role comes available.

Our transparency also extends to being honest and respecting those that won’t be suitable for a position or within our employer marketplace – your time is not for us to waste with false promises.

We have a strong belief that the relationship between recruiter and candidate is a long-term journey, one in which both parties need to invest. We encourage candidates to stay in touch with us, thus sharing the responsibility for staying “top of mind” with our consultants. Our promise, in this regard, is that we’ll be responsive.



  • Are all jobs advertised? If not, how do I get to hear about these opportunities?

Make sure your details on our system are always current, as some clients will ask us to undertake a database search for particular role rather than advertising. Also, stay in regular contact with us to ensure that you are top of mind when opportunities arise.



  • Why Carrington King?

Everybody needs career advice at some point. Our consultants are good listeners and have a wealth of experience when it comes to helping you define and progress your career.

Carrington King is independent and we are long-term thinkers – we are always prepared to invest time in good people, regardless of whether or not there is a short-term placement fee involved.

We understand that goodwill advice and genuine care is what builds long-term relationships, which are at the core of our vision and ultimate success.



  • Resumes

An essential component of the job seeking and application process, resumes are personal documents with a primary purpose of securing the subject an interview.

Carrington King’s consultants are able to draw on their years of recruiting experience to advise candidates on layout, content and effectiveness. A template is attached below as a guide to help you build your resume.

Download template