Executive Search & Recruitment, Asia Pacific

Carrington King is an Asia Pacific Executive Search and Recruitment business committed to producing long-term staffing results for clients and candidates alike.


Our primary goal is to de-risk the Executive Search and Recruitment process for all parties involved.  As a team of former, successful executives, we understand the time and costs involved in getting the right outcome (the perfect match).  Importantly, we also understand the opportunity costs associated with getting it wrong (e.g. foregone sales, overloading of other managers, missed opportunities, etc.).


We know the perfect match in Executive Recruitment, more often than not, involves more than a particular skill-set. It’s also about the cultural, ethical and social mix.  Put simply, the candidate with what looks like a matching skill-set, is not always the right person for the role, and conversely, what looks like the perfect role for a candidate, may not be the right career step.


A combination of our research-based search methodology and our ability to match clients and candidates through extensive post search behavioural analysis allow us to “close the loop” and confidently deliver a lasting outcome for all involved.


At Carrington King we care about our relationships and the outcomes we facilitate. Integrity, transparency and trust are at the core of our ethos. We provide clients and candidates with confidence in our ability to create the ideal match through our proprietary Executive Search Recruitment process.


Carrington King is your expert Executive Search Recruiter with broad industry knowledge to deliver successful outcomes.
With a strong research offering we deliver a range of sophisticated sourcing strategies that provide access to the total candidate market
Our commitment is to represent our valued clients and candidates professionally and add value by providing the very best available market intelligence and career guidance