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There are numerous companies and individuals offering business and personal coaching services. Some are offering these services as a result leaving their previous corporate roles, possibly due to their age, performance or retrenchment due to cut-backs. You must somehow determine whether they are qualified to provide leadership advice or coaching. This can be difficult to assess.


Our leadership services offering is headed up by Graeme Neville, a successful owner, operator and executive manager in his own right. Graeme’s career has seen him develop through the ranks via Sales Management, General Management and CEO roles over some 40 years. For much of the last decade Graeme has been providing leadership advice to business owners that are looking to develop personally, structure their business for growth, or develop their executive team. Graeme is renowned for his people management skills and his direct style, and brings a highly engaging, customised approach.



Our services


Executive Development

Executives are a product of their former roles and experiences. We never cease to be amazed at the lack of development some executives have been forced to endure. Reasons for this on the part of business owners and managers may include:

  • Underdeveloped people management skills
  • Poor need recognition
  • Lack of time

We deeply understand people management and the needs of developing executives, and we will work with you and your executive team face to face for best effect.


Culture Change

Put simply, culture can play a major role in the success or failure of your business. When running your own business, you can sometimes be blind to cultural issues that impact employee performance and customer satisfaction. We can assist you in assessing the cultural health of your business and importantly drive change where necessary.


Structuring for Growth

Getting a business started is difficult enough, however even greater stress can occur when you enter a period of strong growth. We can assist you to work through structuring and staffing your business for sustainable growth.


Skills Identification & Gap Analysis

Skills gaps are a common thing in small to mid-market businesses. Often businesses are operated by owners that have a specific skill, which could be technical or even sales by nature, however they may be deficient when to comes to people management, leadership or other important skills.

We work you and your executive team to identify what they bring to the table, and equally as important, where gaps exist that may hinder you company’s performance moving forward.


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