Customised Executive Search and Recruitment Processes

Carrington King commits to delivering executive search and recruitment results through the use of a highly customised and flexible process tailored to our clients’ needs.  This process is managed end-to-end by your primary consultant to ensure consistency, but with a significant team contribution to ensure we leverage our wealth of experience and skills.


Our executive recruitment and search process begins with a detailed proposal that outlines:

‣ Our recommended recruitment strategy,

‣ A realistic timeline for results, and

‣ A list of target industries and companies.


We also provide a thorough, customised candidate brief that details

‣ Our understanding of your requirements

‣ How we will ‘sell’ the position to prospective candidates

‣ Our commitment to you.


Our executive recruitment process is continually evolving to ensure our reputation continues to grow alongside yours. Put simply, we provide our clients with consistent long-term results, delivered with integrity, honesty and commercial nous.